Awakening the Monthly Mission

Hello everyone, I'm your new host-in-training, ElectricPuppy (AKA Scott)!  Rob has graciously granted me access to MM's controls so that we can once again submit challenging creative ideas and perhaps get those creative juices flowing.  Thanks very much, Rob!

As of now (although subject to discussion and possible revision) I'm setting the schedule for the next mission as follows:

Mission nominations due: Friday, May 2nd.

Mission voting begins: Monday, May 5th.

Mission voting ends: Friday, May 9th.

Please submit your mission ideas here.  We'll see about subsequent missions once the first mission gets on its feet.  For the time being, most discussion about the Monthly Mission will take place at KSS, although I'll be checking in at Analogia every now and then.  Please contact me if you have any questions!


MonthlyMission 2.0 Site Launch

The Monthly Mission has declared independance.

I've moved the site to it's own domain to give it autonomy from both myself and the HarmonyCentral KSS forum. This is not an attempt to slight HC KSS. Submissions are now coming in from members of  several different forums, so this seems to be a logical step to take. Ultimately, I'd like the Mission to be something that attracts members from all over, perhaps having informal delegates to different boards who take an active role in the Mission planning, operations, and promotion.

In the meantime, mission discussion takes place at  KSS and analogia.

The biggest improvement in the system is the addition of user accounts. Members can now log in to maintain all of their submissions, and submissions can be viewed on a per-member basis. Usernames and passwords have been mailed out to members who have provided their email address in past submissions. The following members had no address in the system, and should contact me for their password:

air cut light
Blue Halo
Tai Mai Shus
Texas Noise Factory

Many thanks to pizzamon and Mook for their help in beta testing the new site.

Thanks to everyone who's been involved over the past few years, and to sinner6 for conceiving the Mission and making it happen.



I've added a page to display usage statistics for the site. It displays aggregate statistics, and a list of the top ten most downloaded songs. Looks like the Highway of Death mission is by far the most popular so far.


I've added the ability to upload entries as well as link to them. This will make it easier for those of you without web space to get your entries up.

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